Welcome to the New York – a walkabout tour blog

Welcome – this blog is one of four that I accidentally made trying to make one actually about touring New York’s nifty spots. So I’m going to use all of them to describe different parts about it. And, hopefully that will be a fun ride for those reading and easy for me to manage at the same time.

My main blog is at cricketdiane.wordpress and it has a variety of information that is important or interesting to me. It started about my art and then ranged into financial and economic things when the economy tanked as I watched people on tv news claiming to be experts but either lying or getting it wrong. Now, it has a lot of things on it including some of the information about New York from my visit there.

What it doesn’t really have room to do, I’m going to do here which is to put some of the photos, interesting information and tidbits about walking through New York City to see it firsthand without a budget of $10,000 to do it. And, this post will have a bit also about the things to do there which don’t cost a tremendous amount of money whether you are visiting or actually live there year round.

On this and the other three blogs I’m creating about New York City, I hope to include some interesting stories I’ve found, classes that don’t cost a lot, interesting places to photograph and visit, ways to do things there which access vast arrays of valuable and handy resources, nifty businesses found there and things about the architecture or bits of history. It is the things like that which interest me and seem to interest others also. It is fun to talk about and fun to go see. I liked it when I as doing it and I really think others will enjoy it as well.

There is always the possibility of taking on New York or anywhere else with a ton of money to use doing it. That is not the only way to do it however and even with a ton of money to spend, there are great things that could be included despite the fact they don’t cost a small fortune to do them. That would include ice skating which at times doesn’t cost anything at all or just costs the rental of skates.

Personally, when I had gone to New York to visit, I was invited to sit in on the taping of a tv show, but didn’t do it because I really wasn’t dressed for it and needed a cup of coffee more. However, it would have been nice to know, before going there – that to get tickets to see nearly any of the tv filming requires some lead time to get tickets for it and those access points are online, many of which are at no cost to audience members. Things like that I will be posting here along with other tidbits that I discovered.

Although I live in Atlanta and have only visited New York once, I really enjoyed it and found it very easy to navigate around using the subways, buses and wonderful wide sidewalks. I did have help though, because my daughter lives there and was amazed to find how many people helped me to find my way around and to understand the subway maps when I asked them. It never did become clear where I was in relationship to the google maps I had studied at home, but had I opened my laptop more often, it probably would’ve been fairly obvious how the real world of New York City fit together with the map worlds found online.

This particular blog is going to be more of the inexpensive things that can be found and that can be accomplished visiting New York, hints about handy things like the show tickets being requested ahead of time – and like, don’t forget to eat the wonderful things that are there while there . . . Stuff like that.

It is good to know that some people are not made for going up to the observation decks above the city, finding them to be a swaying nightmare of vertigo rather than enjoyable – and to know that many buildings allow visitors to photograph their beautiful murals and interiors created many years ago and still available to see.

This blog is authored by me, cricketdiane – but while I’m going to do my very best to get things right (as in, accurate) – I am making no guarantees which means that it is worth checking to see that whatever said here is still the way it is – whether it is going about getting tickets to a tv show or anything else. It is going to be to the best of my ability and I welcome any comments that can help to make it better or contribute to the general knowledge offered here.

Thanks for joining me on this great tour of New York City and welcome to what I hope will be an enjoyable and entertaining blog about it.

– cricketdiane



About CricketDiane
From Atlanta, GA to Staten Island, New York City, NY continuing to create, design, invent, innovate, make, create art and designer things, enjoy living. CricketDiane stores and artwork, designs, sayings, quotes and humor can currently be found on Zazzle stores (6 of them) including the CricketDiane store at http://www.zazzle.com/cricketdiane with over 77,000 products showing about 4,500 designs.

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